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Reliable communications help your staff deliver exceptional service

In the highly competitive hospitality industry, people have many options on where to spend their leisure and businessdollars. Differentiating through exceptional service helps providers of hospitality services retain and grow customer loyalty. With reliable and clear communications, your staff can provide that flawless guest experience, while at the same time keep your business running smoothly and even reduce operational cost.

The MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-way Radio System can help you improve work processes that allow your staff to respond quickly to issues and guest requests. Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO delivers a wide range of effective two-way radio communications with better basics and enhanced features. Combining the best in two-way radio functionality with digital technology, MOTOTRBO radios deliver increased capacity, integrated data applications, enhanced voice communications, extended battery performance and unique applications to help improve overall operations and your guests’ experience.

Talk farther with greater coverage
The ability to effectively communicate throughout your entire resort ensures smoother operations. Digital technology provides clearer and crisper voice communications over a wider area than comparable analog radios, whose signal strength drops off with distance resulting in distracting static. Using digital technology, MOTOTRBO accurately delivers both voice and data with virtually no loss throughout the coverage area. This results in clearer communications with your staff no matter where they are on the property.

Communicate without disturbing guests
In many areas of your facility, radio chatter can disturb your guests. Whether inside the restaurant, in the front lobby or in guest room hallways of a hotel, MOTOTRBO provides multiple discreet communication alternatives, resulting in increased response time to guest requests without disrupting the atmosphere of your property.

  • Various lightweight headsets, such as the D-style earset with easy to use in-line push to talk, let your employees get the message, not your guests.
  • Text messaging capability provides you and your staff with yet another way to communicate quietly without disturbing the atmosphere of your business. For example, front desk personnel can use text messaging to confirm with housekeeping that a customer’s room is ready.
  • MOTOTRBO radios also enable data applications, such as work order ticket management, that operate right on the radio. So front desk personnel can enter work orders for maintenance when a guest calls to report an issue, such as a broken air conditioning unit in their room.

Batteries that last through extended work shifts Providing excellent customer service can sometimes require long work shifts and employees need communications equipment that will last throughout and beyond their shift. MOTOTRBO offers enhanced battery life to do just that. Using advanced TDMA digital technology, MOTOTRBO can operate up to 40% longer between recharges compared to typical analog or FDMA digital two-way radios. In addition, to ensure the radio system is charged and ready to go whenever you need it, Motorola’s state-of-the-art IMPRES™ energy technology enables communication between the battery and the charger to automate battery maintenance. The result – confidence that your radios will operate through lengthy work shifts.

Hands-free operation for improved efficiency
Whether it is maintenance completing a repair or housekeeping preparing rooms, hands-free operation enables employees to focus on the job at hand, not the radio. A wide variety of nylon carry cases and swivel belt clips, as well as a complete line of ultra lightweight headsets are available for MOTOTRBO. These Motorola Original® accessories not only enable hands-free operation for greater efficiency, they are comfortable enough that employees can wear them for the duration of a long work shift.

Location software that speeds operations, enhances security
MOTOTRBO’s integrated GPS module, when used with a location software application, helps you monitor the location of your staff. Whether it’s a downed power line at the property or a malfunctioning sprinkler at the golf course, dispatchers can view the location of the nearest maintenance worker and send them to the site, helping to save repair time as well as money from potential lost revenue. In the event of an emergency, dispatchers can view the location of security personnel and send the nearest security employee to the scene, speeding response time. Dispatching security quickly maximizes both worker and guest safety, while helping to minimize costs associated with theft or damage.

Expanded capacity, shared voice and data with Capacity Plus
Even properties that operate at a single location need the ability to send and receive large amounts of voice and data communication or to connect a large staff who need to work together as a team. While the digital technology of MOTOTRBO doubles the capacity available on analog radios, sometimes unique business operations require even more.

Capacity Plus expands a MOTOTRBO system to accommodate as many radio users as your business needs – up to 1,200 users. Utilizing a combination of 12 “voice paths” and 24 dedicated “data paths”, Capacity Plus allows your employees to use the radios for voice communications as needed, while the additional 24 dedicated data paths enable faster sharing of information such as GPS location coordinates, text messages, work order tickets and much more.

Capacity Plus significantly expands capacity even beyond the standard MOTOTRBO solution, enabling security, maintenance, front desk, guest services, and housekeeping staff to collaborate as a single unified work team, helping to ensure that guests receive flawless customer service.

Enhanced coverage with IP Site Connect
No busy signals, no service fees, and no delay. When you need to talk with or send data to one of your properties across town or even to someone working in the basement of the hotel, IP Site Connect makes it happen.

IP Site Connect can extend the reach of your MOTOTRBO systems to locations virtually anywhere in the world. Users at a hotel in the United States can communicate in real-time with employees at up to 14 other locations across the city, state, country or overseas – with no service fee. IP Site Connect can also help you overcome communications issues caused by physical barriers, such as trees, mountains, equipment, tall buildings, or other physical structures. Or you can link multiple repeaters together to create a wide-area communications network to help ensure coverage across your entire property grounds. All you need is an IP connection and MOTOTRBO radios and repeaters.

With IP Site Connect, the staff can share voice and data applications, such as text messaging or GPS-location tracking, across an unlimited geographical area.

  • Front desk can immediately determine availability in one of the resort’s alternate properties if their hotel is booked.
  • Security can increase safety by ensuring coverage throughout the resort properties.
  • And the entire staff can communicate whether they are in the basement, on the other side of the property, or doing business at a property across town.

Reduce operational costs with the MOTOTRBO digital difference

  • Twice the number of radio users on a single license: While providing excellent customer service to your guests, cost management is also important to increasing your profit margins. MOTOTRBO provides exceptional value for twoway radio communications. By utilizing TDMA digital technology, MOTOTRBO enables two virtual channels within a single 12.5 kHz licensed repeater channel. This provides twice the calling capacity for the price of one license, enabling you to communicate with more employees. Unlike FDMA digital technology, a second call does not require a second repeater, so you also save on equipment costs.
  • No recurring fees:With MOTOTRBO there are no recurring monthly fees and no per-call charges, eliminating the need to estimate and pay monthly usage fees.
  • Integrated voice and data: MOTOTRBO also offers integrated voice and data communications capability, in one hand-held device. With MOTOTRBO portable and mobile radios, you can talk, text, and manage work order tickets, all on one radio unit.
  • Efficient battery technology: To help control the cost of replacing batteries, Motorola’s state-of-the-art IMPRES™ technology automatically maintains your battery fleet to make sure talktime is maximized and extended throughout the life of the battery.

MOTOTRBO provides the quality you have come to expect from Motorola products. In addition, MOTOTRBO radios are backed by a limited two-year warranty, plus one year Repair Service Advantage (US only) / Extended Warranty (Canada).

Success in the hospitality business requires the ability to provide the very best possible customer service to your guests. At the same time, today’s business environment requires efficiency, productivity and cost-effective work processes in order to remain competitive. Two-way radio communications can help do just that. Powerful, scalable and future-ready,
the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-way Radio System is the ideal communications system to help your employees improve response time, increase productivity and efficiency – and provide your guests with the experience that will keep them coming back.

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